Mechanochemical Activation of Sodium Geopolymers Containing Carbon-Nano Powder, pages: 351-356

Cengiz BAĞCI, Zehra DÜZGÜN


Two different sodium geopolymers including 9 or 18 moles carbon nano-powder were prepared for mechanochemical activation by using the well-known geopolymer route. While 9 moles carbon were incorporated into geopolymer resin during the geopolymer route, 18 moles carbon were mixed with produced geopolymer after the geopolymer route. Both geopolymer carbon precursors named as NaGP9C and NaGP18C were mechanochemically activated for 24 hours and, the NaGP18C was also activated for 48 hours. Activation processes were carried out in a planetary ball mill with a ball to powder wt % ratio of 25:1 at 250 rpm. Depending on the activation and carbon content, room and high temperature properties of resultant compositions were evaluated by making optical microscope, XRD, SEM and DSC analyses. 

Anahtar Kelimeler

Geopolymer, Mechanochemical, Activation


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