Effect on the Electrical Characterizations of Temperature and Frequency Depending on Series Resistance and Interface States in MS Structure, pages: 313-318



In order to explain the experimental effect of series resistance and interface states of device on  current–voltage, capacitance–voltage and conductance–voltage characteritics of Ni/Au/n–Si structure have beeen investigated. Current–voltage characteritics of structure have beeen measuremed in the temperature range of 100K–380K by steps of 40K. In addition, capacitance–voltage and conductance–voltage characteristics of structure have beeen measuremed in the frequency range of 100kHz–1MHz at room temperature. The obtained results show that the Ni/Au/n–Si structure is a good candidate for the electronic device applications.

Anahtar Kelimeler

MS Structure, Ni/Au Metal Contact, Electrical Characterizations


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